Abandoned and towed away vehicles

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Taking action on a vehicle causing you a problem

Please read these notes carefully so you report your issue to the correct Council team or other organisation, so you get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

If a vehicle is:

Parked on a restricted waiting section

Including double yellow lines in the road, or restrictions identified by permanent or temporary notices this should be reported to the Council with the full details of the location, vehicle etc.

Parked outside your house

Unless the car is blocking your driveway, anyone can park on the road (unless it is a residents only area or otherwise marked for restricted parking).

Causing an obstruction

Vehicles parked for example in front of a driveway, blocking a back alleyway should be reported to the Police

Causing excessive noise or smoke

Please see the information about Smoky vehicles.

Being used illegally on Council land

For instance scrambling bikes: report this to the Council with the full details of the location, vehicle etc. We may need to liaise with the Police on incidents of this kind.

Suspected of being involved in a crime.

Please contact the Police.

If you think a vehicle may be abandoned

Before you contact the Council, carefully read the information below – over 60% of vehicles reported to the Council are not abandoned and so the Council cannot take any action.

To work out if the vehicle is abandoned, gather as much details you can especially :-

  • Vehicle, make, model, colour and registration
  • Vehicle condition inside and out
  • Exact location
  • Ask neighbours if they know who owns the vehicle
  • Any anti social behaviour associated with the vehicle (what, when , how etc)
  • Check the condition of the vehicle against the following list of possible ‘signs of abandonment’ :- Flat or removed tyres, signs the vehicle has not moved for some time, broken/damaged windows, vandalism , mould growth on the inside of the vehicle, general rubbish in the vehicle, missing number plates, the car has been hotwired , vehicle unlocked
  • check the DVLA database to see if the vehicle has current tax and MOT.

If your DVLA search shows the vehicle :-

  • is taxed and has a current MOT, no action can be taken
  • has no tax and/or MOT but has none of the signs of being abandoned (see above), report to the DVLA
  • has no MOT, no tax and shows some or all of the abandonment signs above, and is on a road or Council land, report to the Council.

If the vehicle is on private land, you need to contact the landowner to remove the vehicle – unless the vehicle is badly vandalised, burnt out or in a very unusual location in which case the Council will inspect it to assess whether the vehicle needs immediate removal.

What action does the Council take on  abandoned vehicles ?

The Council will contact the registered keeper (if there is one). The keeper will be asked to remove the vehicle within 7 days (in most cases) from the post date of the letter or the Council will begin proceedings to remove and dispose of the vehicle.

The removal costs for the vehicle will be charged to the registered keeper. This is  one reason why it is important to fill in the correct section of the V5 document if a vehicle has been sold.

Any keeper who wishes the return of their vehicle from the storage compound must produce proof of ownership and an insurance certificate in order for the vehicle to be driven away.

Neither the Council nor any of the contractors will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle during removal or storage. If the vehicle has no current registered keeper this will either be sent for disposal or the recovery company may apply for ownership.

Contact details

Mail Bdirect (Cleansing)
Phone Number(s) 01254 585921
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E-mail cleansing@blackburn.gov.uk
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