Appealing against your council tax charge

Please note that you cannot appeal against the general levels of council tax set by the Council each year.

Banding appeals must be made to the Valuation Office or you can make an online appeal by going to the website. Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council cannot set your property's council tax band.

If you choose to appeal you must still continue to pay in line with your current council tax bill until we advise you otherwise.

You can appeal against the following:

  • That the local authority has made you liable for Council tax but you believe someone else should be liable;
  • The award of a council tax discount, exemption or disabled relief;
  • our decision, that your property is a chargeable dwelling for council tax purposes, is wrong;
  • that the works on a new or adapted property cannot be completed by the date shown on the completion notice we have served.

Appeal process

There are two stages to an appeal:

Stage one

You must first contact us giving the following information:

  • your name and address;
  • the address of the property, if different;
  • what your interest is in the property, that is, owner, tenant etc; and
  • what decision you are appealing against and why.

Please supply a daytime telephone number and email address as we may need to contact you for further information.

We have two months to decide your appeal and give you an answer.

If we agree your appeal but you are still dissatisfied, or we turn down your appeal, or you do not receive an answer, you can move to stage two.

Stage two

This is an appeal to the Valuation Office

Your appeal must be made within two months of receiving a decision from the revenues office, or four months if you have not received a reply. For completion notices, you have four weeks from the issue of the notice.

You should put your case in writing to the following address, giving the tribunal the same information as you provided to the Council.

Valuation Tribunal, Hepworth House, 2 Trafford Court, Doncaster. DN1 1PN


Do I have to attend a hearing?

If you and everyone involved in the case agree, it can be dealt with in writing. Each party makes a written submission to the tribunal and it will write back with its decision.

What if I want a hearing?

If you want a hearing the tribunal will contact you to arrange a formal hearing, and will explain in detail what will happen.

You will be given a minimum of four weeks notice of the date of the hearing.

What happens at the hearing?

Any party can appear in person to present their case. If you want, you can have a representative, such as a solicitor or estate agent. Two or three tribunal members will hear your case. There will also be a clerk who is an employee of the tribunal.

Will the Tribunal make a decision on the day?

The tribunal may not make it's decision on the day but in all cases it will write to all parties giving its decision.

What if my appeal is successful?

If your appeal is successful, the tribunal will write to us. We will then change your council tax and send you a new bill. If you want to continue with your appeal, the next course of action is to apply to the High Court. You should get legal advice.

What if I am still unhappy?

If you want to continue with your appeal, the next course of action is to apply to the High Court. You should get legal advice.​​​​​​

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