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Tell us directly about your bins via the MyBwD Account. From missed & assisted collections, lost, abandoned & replacement bins, removals, bulky waste etc. to asking for a larger bin, you can do it all online.


  • Put your bin at the edge of the property by 7:00am with the lid closed.
  • Take the bin back into your property as soon as possible after collection to prevent arson, theft and vandalism.
  • Put your house number/address on the bin and your back gate (if you have one).
  • Recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.
  • Rubbish bin: wrap food, per excrement and nappies before you put them in the bin.


  • Put your bin out before 6pm on the evening before collection.
  • Overfill the bin or put bricks, soil or DIY waste in your rubbish bin,
  • Leave additional rubbish on top of, or beside your bin:
  • Park vehicles in positions which may stop the crew getting into the street or back alley as it may mean your bin cannot be collected.

If your bin has not been collected

Report a missed waste collection

This will tell you if there is a reason your bin was not collected by our crews.

Lost, missing and replacement bins

Please note that replacing a burgundy bin incurs an administration charge of £20 per bin.

Bins often reappear because someone has mistakenly taken the wrong bin after collection. This is why we usually only send out a replacement bin if the original bin still hasn't turned up after your next scheduled collection . Our advice is to ask your neighbours if they may have taken your bin by mistake.

If any of your bins have been lost, stolen or damaged or you are a new occupier to a property where there are no bins on site please use this form.

Request a replacement or new bin

Extra and larger bins

Larger bins can be requested by households who have four or more occupants who permanently live there are recycling all their waste and believe they can’t manage with the slimmer 140 litre burgundy bin that they have at the moment.

Apply for a larger bin

Additional bins

Grey bins (recycling)

You can have as many grey bins as you require provided they are being utilised correctly. These bins are free of charge. 

Burgundy Bins (refuse)

All properties in the Blackburn with Darwen are entitled to 1 burgundy refuse bin.

In exceptional cases we may authorise a second bin but we will need to perform a waste audit at your property to make sure that you are doing everything possible to reduce your household waste and that you are using your recycling bins correctly.

Request an additional bin

Bins for new build properties

If you move into a new build property you can order the bins you need once you have set up your Council Tax payments. There is a one-off payment which covers the cost of both the refuse bin and recycling bin. Sometimes the property developer will organise and pay for setting up the service, so it is worth asking them about this before you move in.

Please note that if you buy a bin from another supplier please contact us and we will check that it meets our requirements.

To make arrangements to have your waste collected by the council from a new build property please email us at

Help with bins for the elderly, disabled or infirm

If you are elderly/disabled and/or infirm you can arrange for the collection crews to collect and return your bin to you.

Request or cancel an assisted waste collection

The service is free.

If there are no persons living at the address who are capable of putting out the bins, we will collect and return them from your property.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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