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Commercial waste and refuse services

Business waste (controlled waste) is anything produced from a manufacturing process, food preparation, stock packaging, paperwork, staff lunches or even mail through the post, anything that needs to be removed from the premises.

Waste from businesses operating from home are also classed as business or commercial waste, e.g. garden clearances, packing, delivering, crèche or child minding.

Businesses, companies and organisations which produce waste on their premises are responsible for managing, storing and disposing of their waste.

Unlike domestic collections there is no provision within the national non-domestic rates (business rates) for the council to collect waste from these premises.

The trade waste services that Blackburn with Darwen Council offers to over 1,000 commercial premises throughout the borough are:

Bin collection service

Competitive quotes/rates are available for a variety of bin sizes to suit your business requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Recycling collection

To customers of our refuse collection service, we also offer a comprehensive recycling collection of cardboard, glass, cans and plastic bottles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sweeper hire

A range of sweepers are available for any job from industrial estates and units to car parks and private roadways. Whatever the job, we can provide the equipment. Please contact us on 01254 267662 to discuss your requirements.

Commercial waste collection costs

Please speak to us about your requirements and we will give you a competitive quotation. Contact us on 01254 267667.

Bin sizes

We offer a variety of bin sizes to meet your needs from 240 litres upwards.

Self diposal

You can dispose of your own commercial waste. Please contact the Environment Agency for further information and a list of registered sites.

Skip hire

The Council no longer provide this service as of 1st April 2011. However, there are many local companies who do.

Businesses run from home and waste disposal

Commercial waste contracts apply to any business whether run from a business premises or from your home, and therefore a separate waste contract is required. Waste contracts are not included in business rates. Please do not put commercial waste in your domestic bin. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Recycling for businesses

We operate a recycling collection. For more information, please contact us.

Clinical waste disposal

This council does not provide a service for the removal of commercial clinical waste. Please approach a commercial waste company to remove your clinical waste.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council provides a service for the following clinical waste:


Hypodermic syringes pose a real danger to the public when they are left on the streets or waste ground. If you find any remnants of drug paraphernalia then please call the cleansing helpline. We will endeavour to remove it within 24 hours.

Incontinence pants/pads

If you have clinical waste to be removed from your home address, it can go in your burgundy bin so long as it is not more than about a carrier bag full. If there is more then you will need to contact your health visitor or doctor and arrange for a separate NHS clinical waste collection.


Childminders who need to dispose of more than a couple of carrier bags full of soiled nappies weekly should contact us to open a trade waste account.

Disposing of waste from your business – are you legal ?

Work done by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council shows that some local companies, especially small companies, sole traders etc are not aware of their responsibility around their ‘waste’.

The Council have found;

  • companies not keeping records
  • taking their waste to unlicensed sites
  • illegal waste transfer notes
  • waste collected by unlicensed ‘waste’ companies
  • business waste being fly tipped , put in litter bins or taken to household waste centres.

Every business has a legal 'duty of care' to ensure that any waste it produces or handles is stored, transported, treated, reprocessed and disposed of legally and safely. If you give your waste to anyone else you must be sure they are authorised to take it.

The Council is not responsible for the removal of trade waste and public facilities must not be used for the disposal of it, no matter how small or large the amount of waste. This includes;

  • domestic bins
  • litter bins
  • household waste recycling centres (tips)
  • recycling banks. 

If your waste is discovered to have been disposed of illegally (even by your waste carrier) you or your company may face legal proceedings. The penalties for not managing business waste legally can be severe; up to £50 000 or even prison for the worst cases.

The Environment Agency and your local Council have enforcement powers on waste and work together to prosecute illegal waste operations.

It’s simple to be legal. Your waste options are to transport yourself or have your waste collected

The simplest solution may be to set up a waste transfer agreement with a properly registered waste collection contractor. They will need to know what you are disposing of, and may advise you on how you should store it and how they will collect it. 

The waste transfer agreement will provide you with waste transfer notes to prove you have acted legally for Council inspection. If however the Council find that your agreement is not adequate to cover your needs they will ask you to amend it. You must keep a copy of all documentation (trade waste agreements or waste transfer notes) for two years and may be required to produce appropriate documents by an authorised council officer. Failure to produce documentation to the officer can result in a fixed penalty or prosecution.

You can also take your waste/recyclable to properly licenced waste sites. You must be able to evidence which sites you have used, when and what you have taken.

Where to get help and assistance

Your business association (local or national) should be able to provide advice to you. But here are some other sources of advice:


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