Council tax valuation and banding

Most domestic dwellings are subject to council tax. There will be one council tax bill issued per dwelling whether it is occupied or unoccupied to either the owner or the occupier.

Each domestic property has been allocated a valuation band by the local Valuation Office which is part of the Inland Revenue.

Your local Valuation office is based in Preston.

This band is based on what the price the property might have been sold for (open market capital value) on  April 1, 1991.

Valuation band Value of property on April 1 1991 (£)
A Under 40,000
B 40,001 - 52,000
C 52,001 - 68,000
D 68,001 - 88,000
E 88,001 - 120,000
F 120,001 - 160,000
G 160,001 - 320,000
H Over 320,000

Your council tax bill will show which band has been allocated to your property under the property address, More information about your council tax bill can be found here.

Find your council tax band or those in your area

Valuations for new domestic properties

If you are moving into a newly-built /renovated property it may not yet have been allocated a band by the Valuation Office you can check this online by searching for your council tax band.

If it has not been banded the council will contact the Valuation Office and request a banding for your property - this can take up to three months but is usually much quicker.

If your property has not yet been banded the council will award a provisional valuation to enable you to start making payments towards your council tax bill if you wish to do so.

This provisional valuation should not be taken as any indication of the band which will be allocated by the Valuation Office .There is no legal obligation for you to pay a council tax bill which is based on a provisional valuation.

However, please be aware that if you do not start making payments towards your bill and there is a delay in your property being allocated a band you may find that your instalments are higher than you would anticipate because of the limited number of instalments available in the financial year.

Appealing against your council tax banding

If you don't agree with the banding the Valuation Office has given your property and you wish to submit an online appeal then go to the website

The Valuation Office will usually only consider appeals against bandings when your property has been allocated a banding for the first time or you have purchased the property within the last six months.

If you prefer to put your appeal in writing then you can write to:-

The Valuation Office Agency, Red Rose House, 104 Lancaster Road, Preston PR1 1LX

Alternatively you can telephone them by ringing 03000 501501

Please remember that if you are appealing your band you must still pay your latest council tax bill.

If you are successful in your appeal the Valuation Office will tell us what the new band should be and from what date the new band should be changed. This usually takes between 14 and 28 days.

We will then send you a new bill showing you how much you now owe and where relevant any overpayment as a result of the re banding. You can request a refund of your council tax online.

Remember when appealing against your band the Valuation Office does not have to lower your banding and could increase it.​​

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