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Planning charges

Full list of charges and fees for Blackburn with Darwen planning services.

Permitted development and planning permission

The guide for extending a terraced house is a jargon-free illustrative guide to the types of house extensions or alterations which are either permitted development, or are generally considered to be acceptable where planning permission is required.  You can also get planning advice and information on whether you need planning permission in several ways:

  • Via the online planning portal
  • We provide a general level of advice to members of the public about the planning process without the need to pay a fee, for example, to explain what planning policies would apply to a proposal, how to submit  a planning application, etc.  Much of this information is available on the planning portal website.
  • Duty planning officer
  • The planning duty officer is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Blackburn Town Hall or over the phone between 1300-1600.
  • Via the pre-application advisory service

Pre-application advisory service

We want to promote early discussions with agents and developers as part our development management principles.  To help sort out issues/problems and provide a more efficient planning process to the customer, we can offer you professional advice before you formally submit a planning application. 

Detailed, honest, constructive discussions provided before schemes are formally submitted as a planning application, can help steer proposals into a format that is more likely to be acceptable to the local planning authority.   This service is discretionary and was first introduced by the Council in April 2011.    There is a charging scheme associated with the service.

Early discussions involving the planning officers, agents and developers, as part of the development management approach to facilitate acceptable development is strongly encouraged.  Having early constructive discussions about your proposals before they are formally submitted as a planning application can help guide the proposals to a more acceptable position by the local planning authority, whilst at the same time, removing or amending proposals that appear to be unacceptable.  Therefore, entering into pre-application discussions provides a more transparent service with valuable two-way discussions that will help save time and avoid wasted expense and delays in the processing of your planning application.   Further benefits include:

  • Customer will have a better understanding how their application will be judged against the policies in the local plan and other material considerations.
  • Early identification of where specialist input is needed on matters such as historic buildings, trees or landscape, contaminated or unstable land.
  • The opportunity to develop or modify a proposal to make it potentially more acceptable to the community, based on local circumstances, and help to ensure a smoother and quicker passage through the planning application process.
  • A potential saving in the time spent by both the case officer and customer’s professional agents in working up a proposal.
  • Where a proposal is completely unacceptable to the LPA, the advice can save the customer the costs of finalising an application and paying an application fee.
  • Stops wasting time for all parties on applications where there is inadequate or insufficient supporting information.
  • Raises the quality of development.
  • Secures satisfaction with the process.
  • Reduces confrontation and improves collaboration in the planning process.

We expect guidance offered by the planning case officer to be taken into account in the preparation and drafting of your proposals.  Where it is evident that pre-application advice has not been sought, or taken into account in a subsequent planning application, it is highly likely we will not negotiate any amendments, and the application will be determined on the basis of the details submitted.

Development team service: planning performance agreements

The development team service (DTS) is designed for development proposals that are more complex and likely to raise a large number of issues.  For more complex applications, the opportunity to obtain good quality advice that will carry weight in the decision making process is considered to be a particularly worthwhile investment for a developer.  It will involve the provision of a dedicated planning case officer who will project manage the process from inception to determination.

The proposals which are likely to use this service are the large-scale major developments (as defined in the charging scheme​) which involve at the outset dialogue with the Integrated growth team.  All the meetings will be held in the One Cathedral Square offices.

A planning performance agreement (PPA) is a framework agreed between a local planning authority and an applicant for the management of complex development proposals within the planning process.  It allows both the developer and the local planning authority to agree a project plan and programme which will include the appropriate resources necessary to determine the planning application to a firm timetable. They are most commonly used on the large scale development proposals.  If you wish to use this service then please complete the request for PPA form.

Premium enhanced services

The enhanced services are aimed at the minor (including changes of use) and householder types of planning applications, and are effectively a “fast track” service for the customer from receipt of the planning application through to the decision.  In addition, they are also focussed with the Certificate of Lawfulness and Confirmation of Compliance of Conditions applications.

The enhanced service fee schedule is in addition to the statutory planning application fee set by the government.   Developers/applicants are encouraged to use the pre-application advisory service together with the enhanced service to ensure an application is determined within the requested period.

The new services are split into Platinum and Gold Services, and relate to the applications from receipt through to determination. 

Platinum service

  • Minor applications/householder applications: From receipt of application through to determination within 4 weeks.
  • Certificates of Lawfulness/Confirmation of Compliance of Conditions applications: From receipt of application through to determination within 1 week.

Gold service

Minor applications/householder applications: From receipt of application through to determination within 6 weeks.

Certificates of Lawfulness/Confirmation of Compliance of Condition applications: From receipt of application through to determination within 2 weeks.

The fees relating to these services are set out in the fees schedule

All requests for the service should be emailed to with the enhanced premium service included in the subject.   Each request should include the following details:

  • Name, address, phone number and email address of the applicant/agent
  • Site Address
  • Description of Proposal
  • Reference of the requested enhanced service e.g Platinum Householder.
  • Application Reference Number including Planning Portal Reference (if known)

All enhanced service payments must be made at the time of the submission of the planning application.   The applicant or applicant’s agent shall inform the Council upon submission and payment of the application by emailing with details of the planning portal or pre-application reference numbers.

Each request is assessed individually and a confirmation that the service can be offered is provided by the Development manager or Principal planning officer before the application is considered as part of the scheme.  

Online help

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council planning policy advice and guidance.

Guidance on coal mining risk assessments

Viability reviews

Find out about viable development.​​​​​

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