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Member referral scheme

The purpose of the Member Referral Scheme is to provide a mechanism to allow a Member of the Council to request that a delegated planning application is referred to the next available Committee meeting for determination.

Notification of application

Ward Members are notified by email as soon as a new planning application has been registered in their ward. The email includes details of the application and the case officer. If a Ward Member, on considering the delegated application within his Ward, wishes to request that it be determined by Committee then a Ward Member Referral Form  (MR2) will need to be complete and sent to the case officer within 21 days of the email notification  to avoid undue delay in determining the planning application.

If a Member, on considering the relevant planning issues on a delegated application, wishes to request that it be determined by Committee then a Member Referral Form will need to be completed and submitted before the end of the consultation period. (Where the planning application site is located) all Elected Councillors from the same ward or a majority of the total of Elected Councillors from the same ward can sign a referral form.

Member referral request

A request for referral must be made on the Member Referral form (MR2). This form sets out the criteria under which the referral is being made and the reasons for the referral. Advice can be sought from the case officer to assist with the completion of the form. The form should then be submitted to planning, before the end of the consultation period.

Email referrals without signatures will be accepted only where the member or members send individual emails to the email address listed below with the following information:

  1. The subject line of the email should read - “Member Request To Refer Planning Application (add reference)”
  2. The completed Member Referral form should be attached, listing all the members on the form.


The end of the consultation period is 21 days from the date of your email registration notification.   Members should note that receipt of a referral request after the end of the consultation period will be too late to be considered, and the application will be determined as a delegated application.

Consideration of referral request

If a referral is received relating to a planning application that has been previously refused/withdrawn within the last 12 months, the referral will not be accepted unless agreed at the discretion of the Chair of the Planning & Highways Committee.  A referral will be presented to the Panel consisting of the Chair of the Planning and Highways Committee, the Vice Chair and the Opposition Committee Spokesperson for Planning, at the first available opportunity following the referral. The panel will consider the points raised in consultation with the Head of Planning, or his representative. A decision will then be made on whether to accept the referral or reject it. The reasons for the decision will be sent to the Ward Members alongside their original request for their information.

If accepted, the planning application will go before the next available Planning Committee with the delegated report along with the Member Referral Form for information. If rejected, the application will be determined under delegated powers.


Copies of all referrals will be retained and monitored for evaluation purposes. The operation of the Referral Scheme will be kept under review and any issues that arise and any necessary amendments to the scheme will be reported to Committee.

Guidance for appearing and speaking at the planning and highways committee

You are welcome to attend the committee meeting. Should you wish to speak, download, complete and return the attached form, not later than one day prior to the meeting.

Request to speak at committee form

The committee meeting commences at 6.30pm in the Old Town Hall, Blackburn. The chairman will outline to those persons wishing to speak how he/she intends to conduct the meeting at 6.15pm, and it will be necessary for you to attend by then.

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