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The following options are available for you to comment on applications:

Comments should be received within 21 days of the date of the consultation letter or site notice.

Please quote the application number in your reply.

Please note that under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act, 1985, any comments you make can be examined by any member of the public.

The role of Parish Councils and planning applications.

Parish Councils do not have the power to grant or refuse planning permission. The Local Government Act 1972, section 101 does however, require local authorities to consult parish councils on certain matters affecting their parish and a parish council is a statutory consultee on the development plan, local plans and structure plans.

Planning authorities must inform local parish councils of applications affecting its parish and consider its views when deciding on planning applications.  This document is a guide to advise on the role of Parish Councils where planning applications are submitted in their parish.

How to object to or support a planning application

You can search for planning applications online.

Finding out

We take certain steps to publicise applications that may bring an application to your attention. You may however find articles in the press, through community groups or by word of mouth. If you think an application of concern to you has been submitted, please ask us. You can telephone us or visit our reception to find out if an application has been submitted. However you find out about an application, you are entitled to comment.

What to do next

Look at the plans. Copies of all current planning applications, including drawings and supporting documents, are available for free public inspection at our offices during office hours. A duty planner will be available (between the hours of 1:00pm to 4:30pm) to help if you need assistance in understanding the proposals, however if you wish to discuss detailed aspects of the application with the officer actually dealing with the application, you may need to make an appointment (tel: 01254 585960).

What do you include in your letter of objection?

Although local views are important, central government has made it quite clear through its planning legislation that local opposition to a proposal is not in itself a reason for refusing planning permission, unless this opposition is based on valid and substantiated planning grounds. Comments, which are not based on material (relevant) planning matters, cannot be taken into account. 

Material planning matters include…  

Is the design of the development compatible with the surrounding area? (this is particularly important within conservation areas and within the setting of a listed building).  

  • Is the design acceptable in terms of ‘bulk’ and size?  
  • Impact on traffic
  • Car parking
  • Will the development constitute an ‘over development of the site’?  
  • What is the effect of the development on daylight or sunlight on adjoining properties?
  • Will the development result in a loss of privacy of amenity to the adjoining properties (e.g. by overlooking residential properties).  
  • What effect will the development have on parking, traffic or road access or visibility? Does the development comply with the council's policies as contained in the Local Plan or other documents?

Material planning matters do not include…  

  • spoiling your view
  • devaluing your property
  • nuisance caused by construction work
  • disliking the applicant.
  • Commercial competition

The Council cannot accept comments which include statements of a defamatory nature. If such comments are identified they will be returned and will not be taken into consideration when assessing the planning application.

New scheme of delegation

The Council at their Council Forum meeting on the 1st October 2015, changed the Scheme of Delegation relating to the determination of planning applications as part of the Council’s aims towards streamlining the planning process.  This new Scheme comes into force with immediate effect.    The changes will only apply to planning applications received on or after the 1st October 2015. Download the revised Officer Scheme of Delegation to the Director of Growth & Prosperity.

Right of appeal

The applicant has the Right to Appeal against a decision to refuse planning permission. If you formally objected to the original application, we will write to inform you if the applicant lodges an appeal.

Third party objectors have no right of appeal against a decision to grant planning permission. Such a decision can only be challenged on a point of law.

Party wall issues

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 came into force on 1 July 1997 throughout England and Wales.

If you intend to carry out building work which involves one of the following categories:

  • work on an existing wall or structure shared with another property   (section 2 of the Act)
  • building a free standing wall, or a wall of a building up to or astride the boundary with a neighbouring property (section 1 of the Act)
  • excavating near a neighbouring building (section 6 of the Act)

Further information on the Party Wall Act can be found here or you can download the explanatory booklet.


The Council will re-consult by individual letter or site notice inviting comments within 14 days.

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