Rateable value of non-domestic property

The rateable value of your property is shown on the front of your bill and is fixed in most cases by an independent valuation officer of the Valuation Office agency. It draws up and maintains a full list of all rateable values, which are available on-line on their website at www.voa.gov.uk.

All non-domestic property is revalued every five years. From 1st April 2010, the rateable value of a property broadly represents its annual open market rental value as at 1st April 2008.

The valuation officer may alter the value if he/she believes that the circumstances of the property have changed. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) may also propose a change in value.

All enquiries regarding valuation should be directed to the valuation office not to the council.

For further information on the grounds for making and submitting an appeal, visit VOA rating list which explains how to view and appeal against your entry in the rating list. If you prefer to contact them in writing or by telephone: Non-Domestic Rates North West, Valuation Office Agency, 72 Church St, Liverpool L1 3AY  or Tel: 03000 501 501.

The effect of successful appeals against values shown in the rating list will normally be backdated to the beginning of the financial year in which they are made, although there are exceptions to this.

Further information about this may be obtained via the Gov.uk website.

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